Encrypted Data at rest

Your encrypted data is not accessible to us

Stored emails and user data in our disks and servers is encrypted at rest which means that your data is inaccessible to us. Which means if someone tries to intercept or read your data at rest they won't be able to access it since its encrypted by unique keys, and as a result, we are unable to hand your data over to third parties. With Bmail, privacy isn't just a promise, we treat it as a core of our service. One piece of advice though "if you forget your password, we cannot recover your data." End-to-end encryption means that no one but the intended recipient can read the message



Encrypted Emails

Messages are encrypted at all times stores your emails and messages on servers in an encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format between our servers and user devices. Emails between Bmail users are also sent in encrypted form within our secure server channels. Since information is encrypted at every level, the chance of communication interception is principally reduced.



Cryptography and Opensource

Backed, developed and tested by community experts.

We use secure protocols and algorithms that are trusted and approved by the world's opensource community such as TLS, SSL, AES, RSA, and OpenPGP. We use open-source libraries so that we can ensure the encryption algorithms we are using do not have any back doors.